I cant wait for the all the wild flowers to come out up here.  There will be shots to be got!  This one was in between patches of snow. 


Sacto Shoes

Poppies out front of Off Broadway Shoes in Sacto.  At any moment you could get the shot,  even when buying shoes.


Slime Trail

  In the summer this is the Immigrant Trail.  Its filled with slime for now.


Making It Interesting

When I took this shot I wasn't that stoked on it.  After making it black and white I think its a lot more interesting.


Grown Foot Long

This is a picture of my Pops's fish.  He started out as a small Gold fish and has grown into a foot long Koi fish.  


Missed Shot

I missed the sunrise.  The sky was pink ten minutes earlier but I still got a shot.



Taxi Flippers

People are flipping over the great service of High Sierra Taxi!


Zade's Easter Situation

We spent the evening dying Easter eggs with Zade and Miana White.   
As you can see Zade had control of the situation.





COPA for dinner

Its the BLT...C O P A
                      u  n  e  v 
                      c   i  p  o
                      u  o p  c
                      m  n e  a
                      b       r  d
                       e           o  



Personality Princess

 Here are some pictures of Cyia and her different personality's.  She is a spoiled princess.  


Stump Unit

Took some pictures of Saer and Matt at Sugar Bowl on Tues.  The day started out firm but it warmed up enough for them to get nasty on this stump unit.  

Starting out with my photo Blog.

  I live in Truckee CA with my Girlfriend Dixie and Dog Cyia.  I got my first DSLR about six months ago.  I have been teaching myself photography through trial and error. I enjoy taking pictures and hope you can enjoy looking at them.     -Andy Crosby