Graffiti Yard

This Train has some cool graffiti on it.  I have seen it roll through Truckee before, but this time it was stopped in the yard.  "Get that shot"


End Shot

I cant think of a better way to end a 12 hour day at work.  Shot got!


Tired Snow

Its May 25th and it snowed.  I'm tired of taking pictures of snow but I will still get the shot.


Shot Jaunt

Another hike down another shot got.  Went for a little 4 mile jaunt with Cyia and found these cool streams.

Baja Tracks

Went out and took some shots of a baja race,  and by baja race I mean RC cars doing donuts down by the train tracks..


Thanks Snow

Old Greenwood was supposed to open today.  Didn't happen thanks to the snow.


Snow Blower

  We got so much snow this winter they had to bring out the big blower.


Post Staples

Walked to the post office and saw this pole with old staples on it.  Nothing big but its definitely a shot got.   



Sand Shot

Found some cool sand patterns on a hike awhile back. Finally looked through the shots and found one that is worthy to post. 


Prosser Times

We went out to Prosser Lake and hung out with some friends who were camping.  Good times!