Dubstep Slidshow

I put together a slideshow video with some shots from the year.  The Dubstep music really makes you feel like your there:)


Donner Summit

I want to take one post to thank everyone who has supported me and my shot endeavors.  -Donner Summit


Enjoy Donner

This has been one of my most popular shots of Donner Lake and its never been on the blog.  Enjoy!   


Frozen Flume

I have been wanting to shoot this frozen flume since before I got my camera.  


Brother Advise

The other day I asked my brother if he had any advise on how to keep my blog fresh.  His advise was... The thing to focus on is not whats on the flash side of the lens but behind the camera.  YOU need to stay fresh.  Keep the passion in your own style and vision.  My point is to not get bored behind the camera and the blog will always be fresh-   Thanks brother.  That roars!


Frozen Pond

Walked the dog around the frozen Glenshire pond and snapped this shot.



Bro Pops Shots

Took some shots with my pops and bro last weekend.  Good times.


Bottomley Guide

Shawn Bottomley got this brown trout out of donner lake last night.  Shawn owns and operates Hook-Up fishing Guide Service. Here is the link to his site.'s