Dust Sunlight

Got the moon, Venus and Jupiter all in a row.  You can also see the blue Zodiacal Light that is formed by sunlight hitting dust in the atmosphere.  


Dylan's Personality

I went out and took some shots of my friends daughter Dylan.  She sure does have a big personality.


Tree Layers

Im really digging the tree line in between the layers of fog.  Old Greenwood Golf Course.


River Bend

I used three exposures to make this HDR shot of a bend in the Truckee river.


American Shot

My brothers wife's moms husband Mark, is letting me barrow his camera gear for the summer.  First shot with the 70-200mm on the American river.  Thanks Uncle Mark!


Sunrises Captured

I have captured some great sunrises in this area. 
(at the bottom of each post you can see the location of the shot)